Bovine Collagen
Bovine Collagen
Bovine Collagen

Bovine Collagen

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ine+ nutrition Bovine Collagen isn’t hope in a jar — it’s proven by science.

Our collagen peptide powder helps to replenish and renew collagen levels naturally, from within.

Formulated for optimal absorption — our collagen gets easily digested and used by your body. This process is more efficient and effective than consuming collagen-rich foods or applying topical skin creams. Benefits include bone loss prevention, anti-aging, and building better long-term health.

Just add one scoop and stir in your morning coffee, oatmeal or blend into your smoothies — and remember your loved ones so they can enjoy the benefits, too! Spread the love — our collagen is heat stable, so go ahead and add to soups and stews.

Dissolves easily in cold beverages. No clumping, gritty texture, or unpleasant flavour. Daily recommended dose (one scoop) is 10 g.

This collagen is our most adaptable collagen peptide powder, proudly made in Canada. It is safe, sustainably sourced, and meets the highest quality standards (without binders and fillers).

Collagen is like the scaffolding in our skin, providing it with strength and elasticity.

Collagen Powder Beauty Benefits:
- Restored youthfulness
- Improved skin elasticity and hydration
- Less visible wrinkles
- Aids growth of hair and nails

- Nourishing our bodies with optimal amounts of collagen helps the overall functioning of our bodies.

Health Benefits:
- Improved joint, tendon, and bone health
- Faster wound healing
- Healthier gut, heart + arteries
- Muscle tissue. and connective tissue regeneration
- Joint pain relief
- Helps with recovery following an injury

This collagen peptide powder (also known as hydrolyzed collagen) is made from animal collagen sources, broken down into smaller molecules by enzymes. The result is bioactive, meaning that this form of collagen is easily absorbed and used by our bodies.

Made from Types I and III collagen:
- Type I is most common and plentiful, found in all connective tissues
- Type III is the main component in reticular fibres such as bone marrow

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