Greens, Pineapple Burst
Greens, Pineapple Burst
Greens, Pineapple Burst
Greens, Pineapple Burst

Greens, Pineapple Burst

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Abundant in 50+ antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals — extracted from land and sea veggies, super fruits, herbs, and plant proteins.

Keep the mind sharp — in every season of life. Nourish a healthy body for a healthy mind. Then crush those nutritional, health and life goals.

To ramp up the percentage of micronutrients your body can use, we’ve boosted our Greens with a delivery system of plant oils. But that’s not all.

Our Greens powder is superfine, vegan, gluten-free without added sugar or grassy taste. Just scoop (10g) and dissolve in a 250 ml glass of cold or lukewarm water. Recommended for adults, two servings daily. Enjoy the smooth texture and natural pineapple taste.

Is it two fists or two jazz hands?

Most of us aren’t sure what amounts to a daily serving of veggies and fruits. It usually involves guesswork. Whether adding to your current routine or starting a new healthy habit, ine+ nutrition takes the guesswork out of the dose you need.

A few other factors to consider:

Soil depletion: agricultural practices today often yield less nutritious fruits and veggies

Cooking methods: how you prep and cook your veggies can impact nutrient absorption. For example, although no culinary skills are necessary for boiling spinach, valuable vitamins get washed away.

- Improved gut health
- Better focused energy, alertness
- Vitality, mental clarity
- Support for brain health

Well, fat-soluble vitamins get maximum absorption in fats. This carrier oil is the delivery system. That’s why we’ve added essential fatty acids to ine+ Greens.

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